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Uniforms can be picked up at Park and Rec during the Munchkin informational meeting the week before soccer starts


We supply the uniform. 

Shirt, shorts and socks.  If the weather is cool, they can wear warmer clothes under their uniform.

You supply the Shin guards:

Shin guards should be worn under the sock.  If the shin guards irritate your child’s leg, you can wear a thin pair of socks under them. Or, if you pull the soccer sock way up first, then put the shin guard on over the sock, & then pull the top of the soccer sock down over the shin guard.  It should be long enough keep the shin guard in place.

  • Soccer cleats optional and not recommended for munchkins. Keep in mind, soccer socks are thick & will affect the size/fit of the sneaker.  Make sure sneakers are old ones because they will get DIRTY.