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The 2020 CIT has been canceled.  Please see "CIT Director Welcome" link on the left for futher information.


Clinton Invitational Soccer Tournament 2020

Tournament Rules


  1. Games will be 7 vs. 7 (6 players plus a goalkeeper) for U10 teams both Comp. and Rec, 9 vs. 9 (8 players plus a goalkeeper) for U11 and U12 teams both Comp. & Rec and 11 vs. 11 (10 players plus a goalkeeper) for U14/U15 teams both Comp. and Rec.
  2. A size 4 ball will be used for all U10, U11 and U12 games and a size 5 ball will be used for all U14/U15 games.
  3. All games will be 40-minutes long (2-20 minute halves) running time. There will be a 5-minute break between halves.
  4. Substitutions without limit may be made during any stoppage of play with the referee’s permission provided that those players entering the game are at midfield waiting to go in at the time the whistle is blown to stop play.
  5. The first team designated on the schedule shall be considered the home team for that game. To start every game the home team will choose direction and the away team will start the game with possession. There will not be a coin toss to start the game.
  6. Players must wear uniforms with numbers on the back of their shirts and each player must have a different number which shall coincide with that player’s number as shown on the team roster. In case of a color conflict with the uniforms of the two opposing teams, the home team (listed first on the schedule) will be required to change to a different color. All player equipment shall conform to FIFA specifications and is subject to the approval of the referee. Shin guards are mandatory for all players and no jewelry may be worn during matches. Goalkeepers must wear a different color jersey than the rest of the team.
  7. Referees will be provided with a game report card before each game. The referee will enter the score and comments such as “yellow” or “red” cards issued and abusive coaches or spectators. There will be three (3) referees for all U11, U12 and U14/U15 games on Saturday and all U11, U12 and U14/U15 playoff games on Sunday. All U10 games will have a single referee.
  8. The schedule and game locations will be the responsibility of the tournament committee. Regardless of weather conditions, coaches and their teams must appear on the field of play, ready to play as scheduled. Failure to appear will result in a forfeiture of the game and the opposing team will receive a score of 1-0. Only referees and/or the tournament director may cancel or postpone a game.
  9. Inclement weather before a game: In cases of severe weather conditions before play, referees or the tournament director may reduce the length of a game by 50%. Inclement weather conditions during a game: Should a game in progress be terminated due to weather conditions such as thunder and lightning, after 20 minutes of play, the game will be considered official and the score at that time will stand. The tournament director will make the final decision.
  10. Any player who receives a red card will be suspended for the remainder of that game and the next at a minimum. Any player receiving three (3) yellow cards during play on Saturday may be suspended from play on Sunday at the discretion of the tournament committee. Unnecessary violence, however, may result in further suspension by the tournament committee. Any coach, player or spectator who has been removed from a game may be suspended from the rest of the tournament. These actions will be judged by the tournament committee, whose decision is final.
  11. The tournament is designed to promote healthy competition and sportsmanship between players in the game of soccer. Players, team officials (coaches and managers) and team supporters are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit and “letter” of the Laws of the Game. Coaches are responsible for the behavior of all persons associated with their team. Displays of temper, derogatory comments, dissent by words or actions against the opposing team, Tournament officials (referees) or opposing team supporters may be cause for ejection from the game and field. Should the referee find it necessary to terminate a match due to inappropriate behavior the tournament committee shall make the final determination of the outcome of the game (score & result). The consumption of alcoholic beverages and smoking is prohibited at all tournament fields. Pets are also not allowed on the fields or near players and/or spectators.
  12. A team must play in a minimum of two (2) of the three (3) seeding games on Saturday to eligible for the championship on Sunday.
  13. A team will be allowed ten minutes from the scheduled game start time to field a minimum of six (6) players for the U10 teams, seven (7) players for the U11 and U12 teams and nine (9) players for the U14/U15 teams from their certified rosters. If this is not accomplished within the time allotted the game is forfeited with the score of 1-0.
  14. Games in the round robin (U11, U12 & U14/U15 Saturday only) that end in a tie will remain tied.
  15. Playoff games in single elimination/sudden death (Sunday U11, U12 & U14/U15 only).
    1. Game in regulation time ended in a tie.
    2. The game goes to sudden death the first team to score will be deemed the winner of the match (golden goal). There will be two (2) sudden death periods of five (5) minutes each if needed.
    3. The “away team” will chose which side to attack and the “home team” will start with possession in the overtime period.
    4. If after two (2) periods of sudden death play the score is still tied the match will proceed following rule #16 Penalty Kicks.
  16. Penalty Kicks (Playoff Only). For deciding a game that after regulation and two (2) sudden death periods is still tied, a winner will be determined by MLS style penalty kicks. Only the players on the field at the conclusion of the second sudden death period may participate in the Penalty Kick. These players must remain on the field of play while the referees set up the field. Consult the handbook on the complete breakdown of the MLS style Penalty Kick rules. For infractions (inside the penalty area) during the game both regulation time and sudden death the standard penalty kick format will apply.
  17. Teams will be seeded (U11, U12 & U14/U15 only) from Saturday’s games and play a single elimination playoff the next day to determine the championship. All teams, regardless of results on Saturday, advance to the first round of the playoffs on Sunday. Check the scoreboard for seeding, times and fields for Sunday’s games.
  18. Seeding is as follows: Three (3) points for a win, one (1) point for a tie and 0 points for a loss. The seeding is based on “most points” wins the group. Tiebreakers will be as follows:
    1. Head to head results.
    2. Fewest goals allowed.
    3. Goal differential (up to 3 per game)
    4. Most goals scored.
    5. Coin toss.
    6. If more than a 2 team tie, then pull cards with seed marked on the card
  19. The tournament committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament. The committee’s judgment will be final and no protests of the committee’s decisions will be permitted. No protests of a referee’s decision will be entertained.
  20. For U11, U12 & U14/U15 Sunday games only: If during the course of the game (regulation and two sudden death periods) either team loses a player(s) due to the “Laws of the Game” infractions they may add players from the bench to equal nine (9) players (U11 & U12) or eleven (11) players (U14/U15) for the “MLS” penalty kicks. These additional players may not be the ejected players. If a team cannot equal the eight (8) or eleven (11) players then they will proceed with what players are left on the field.
  21. All applicable FIFA laws will be enforced with special attention to “dissent”.
  22. For all U11, U12 & U14/U15 teams, the certified roster and player passes for each team will be checked prior to the first game only on each day. At this time they will be placed into an envelope and held by the referee or field marshal during the game. At the completion of the game they will be returned to the coach and it is the coach’s responsibility to bring the envelope with the roster and player passes to their next game and turn it into the referee for that game. Jersey numbers for all players shall be listed on the roster. Teams shall be limited to those players listed on the certified roster. No Guest players are allowed.
  23. For all U10 teams, the certified roster for each team will be checked prior to the first game only on each day. At the completion of the game the certified rosters will be returned to the coach. The coach should have the certified roster with them at all times during the day.
  24. U10 (7v7) Build Out Line Clarification: In accordance with USYS small sided game rules, the U10 games will be played on a field with a build out line, and the following rules will apply to the U10 games only, as U10 is a developmental league, the tournament committee feels these U10 rule modifications will encourage building out from the back:
  • Offsides will be called, and will be called when a player is in an offside position between the opponent’s build out line and the opponent’s goal line.
  • When the goalkeeper has the ball in his or her hands during play from the opponent, or when a goal kick is being taken, the opposing team must move behind the build out line. The opposing team can not cross the build out line until the ball is put in play. Once the ball is put in play, play will resume as normal.
  • Punting and drop-kicks will not be allowed by the goalkeeper. 


MLS Penalty Kicks for Games Ending in Draws

(Sunday Games)


The following conditions have been met:

A. At the end of regulation the game has ended in a tie.

B. Two (2) 5-minute overtime periods have been played ending in a tie.

C. Only the players on the field at the end of the second overtime may participate.


  1. The ball will be placed thirty (30) yards from the goal line centered between the goal posts.
  2. There will be a five (5) second time rule. The time starts with the referee’s whistle. The shooter has five seconds to shoot the ball. If the ball has not been shot in the allotted time period, the referee will blow their whistle and the play is over…no goal scored. If the ball has been shot before the five (5) seconds elapses and is in route towards the goal when the five seconds does elapse, the referee is to allow the play to finish.
  3. There are no rebounds or second shots for the shooter. Once the shooter takes his/her shot they are now out of play. The only player that can now play the ball is the keeper. A shot is defined as to when the shooter strikes the ball with intent to score. A move to dribble or move around the keeper is not defined as a shot. The final decision as to what is or is not a shot shall be made by the head official on the field.
  4. At the sound of the whistle that begins the shootout the keeper may come off his/her goal line and attack the ball. That decision is the keeper’s alone. The keeper must start (before the whistle) in a ready position on the goal line, between the goal posts.
  5. From the nine (9) players (U11 & U12) or eleven (11) players (U14/U15) that are on the field at the end of the second overtime period the team will choose five (5) shooters. The keeper may be one (1) of the shooters. All five (5) shooters from both teams will shoot, unless after the third set of shooters it would be mathematically impossible for a team to win, i.e. 3-0 at the end of three (3) shooters. If after the end of five (5) shooters from each team the score is still tied then the shootout will proceed in a one for one format until a winner is determined. The first five (5) shooters may not shoot again until the remaining six (6) players have taken a turn. If after eleven (11) players the score is still tied, proceed with the one for one format starting with players #1.
  6. One (1) coach may accompany their team on the field during the shootout for instruction, the remainder of the team and other coaches will stay on their respective benches.
  7. The eight (8) players (U11 & U12) or eleven (11) players (U14/U15) that are the field at the end of the second overtime period will immediately report to the referee at the midfield circle and remain there throughout the shootout.
  8. If during the process of the shooter taking a shot and the keeper commits a foul, and the ball has been shot, the play goes on. If the ball enters the goal, it counts. If the ball does not enter the goal, the kick is retaken. The keeper can be cautioned or sent off if the referee deems it necessary. If the shooter commits a foul, the play is dead and the kicker's turn is lost. If the ball enters the goal, it is called back and the turn is over. If a goal is not scored, the turn is complete and there is no retake. If the foul occurs before the shooter has released the ball, then the play ends at that moment the referee calls the foul. Again, the shooter can be cautioned or sent off if the referee deems it necessary.